Herd & Grace

Herd & Grace Monthly Steak Club

The Experience
Each month, members will receive Michelin and AAA quality selections of expertly cut fine steaks, chops & more. 
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  • Cape Grim Pasture Raise Ribeye Steak
  • Black Opal Wagyu New York Steak 
  • Gundagai GLQ5+ Lamb French Rack
  • Came Grande Iberico Pork Secreto
  • Wanderer Filet Mignon
  • Accompanying Seasonings and Sauces
  • & More Members-Only Surprises!
  • 10% off in-store purchases
  • Sourcing notes & recommended recipes for the monthly proteins & items
  • First to know about to seasonal offerings
You can skip a month, pause or cancel your membership anytime via your Table22 member portal.
Herd & Grace's rigorous selection process is driven by a comprehensive set of criteria. The chosen meats are evaluated based on factors like ranch location and the reputation of the farmer in addition to breed, genetics, age, feed quality, animal stress levels, and overall quality of life.
This painstaking selection process not only ensures the highest quality but also contributes to the distinctive flavor profiles that have become synonymous with Herd & Grace meats. Our selection criteria is firmly rooted in a commitment to sourcing meat from animals that have led peaceful lives on reputable farms, enjoying abundant access to pastures and top-notch grazing.