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What You'll Get
Wine we’re drinking ourselves. Every month we share 3 bottles you might not have reached for on your own, but that you’ll always be proud to open. Often wines that are rare in New York or exclusive to Leon Circle. 
Intel you’d get from drinking with us. We give you tools to be a more savvy wine drinker, with context around why we chose each bottle and how to find more like it. It's the next best thing to pouring you a glass ourselves. 

What to Expect Every Month
  • Three small production wines. 
    • From top domaines or emerging stars, these are low-intervention, expressive wines from some of the most quality-driven small producers around the world. It’s wine we’re drinking ourselves, chosen excitedly by the Leon & Son buying team.
  • Tasting notes you’ll love.
    • We break down how to describe each wine like a pro. We'll help you understand what we're drinking, why we chose it, and how to find more like it. These are notes you'll come back to, so we send them to you printed and digitally each month.

Additional Perks
  • Exclusive access to special events, tastings and discounts

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