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What They'll Get
  • Wine we’re drinking ourselves — Every month we share 3 bottles they might not have reached for on their own, but that they will always be proud to open. Often wines that are rare in New York or exclusive to Leon Circle.
  • Intel they'd get from drinking with us — We give the tools to be a more savvy wine drinker, with context around why we chose each bottle and how to find more like it. It's the next best thing to pouring them a glass yourself.
What to Expect Every Month
  • Three small production wines — From top domaines or emerging stars, these are low-intervention, expressive wines from some of the most quality-driven small producers around the world. It’s wine we’re drinking ourselves, chosen excitedly by the Leon & Son buying team.
  • Tasting notes they'll love — We break down how to describe each wine like a pro. We'll help them understand what we're drinking, why we chose it, and how to find more like it. These are notes they'll come back to, so we send them to you printed and digitally each month.
Additional Perks
  • Exclusive access to special events, tastings and discounts

You can skip a month, pause or cancel your membership anytime via your Table22 member portal.
Founded in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn in 2015, Leon & Son is an ambitious wine and spirits store known for curating benchmark bottlings from classic growing regions alongside hidden gems from progressive natural winemakers. We've been named one of the country's best wine stores by GQ, Wine & Spirits, New York and Brooklyn Magazines. Leon Circle was born from a realization that our close friends are super confident when shopping for and ordering wine because they've learned how to describe what they like to drink. Having wine pros in your inner circle has its perks! So we started a no-gimmicks wine club to bring more people the bottles were excited about ourselves, and to recreate the experience of drinking them with us. Over the years Leon Circle has grown from a small passion project to a major part of our operation. We still pour our time into making each month's selections, notes and experience as rewarding as possible for members. And we've loved hearing from members across the country when they discover a new favorite. Cheers!

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